About Vedic Chanting

The Vedas are the source of all the six systems of Indian philosophy, including Yoga. Received from a higher source, they were first heard by evolved rishis. To retain this teaching in its original form, these rishis taught what they had heard, as they received it, without any change in pronunciation or manner of chanting. It has been passed down through the ages in this manner from generation to generation.

The chanting of the Vedas is believed to have many benefits. To chant even a small passage from the Vedas is to establish a link with the past and to participate in a living tradition. The Vedas have a deep religious significance for those who belong to the Hindu faith and acknowledge the Vedas as the source of all the teaching of their faith.

However, at Yoga Nidhi, Vedic chanting is taught in the same context as Yoga which has no religious connotations. Every person irrespective of gender, race, age or faith can practice and benefit from Yoga. Vedic chanting is similarly used as a tool to achieve some easily realizable benefits. Many of the benefits of Yoga are also achieved through Vedic chanting.

  • The attention to be paid to what is said before repeating it in exactly the same manner focuses the mind very effectively.
  • The rhythm of the chant has a deeply relaxing effect on the person.
  • The need to reproduce the chant immediately on hearing, without reflection or pause, develops spontaneity.
  • The Sanskrit language requires the use of the entire palate in the process of chanting and this helps develop clarity of speech.
  • The chanting of the passages aloud, some long and some short, some fast and some slow, helps develop respiratory capacity.



50 hours, 10-days intensive

This is a 10-day residential program in Chennai covering:

  • Theory and Practice of Vedic Chanting (5 hours/day)

50 hours, 10-days intensive

This is a 10-day residential program in Chennai covering:

  • Advanced chanting techniques and specific focus on the texts that the student is interested in (5 hours/day)

Ongoing chanting classes conducted over the internet for individuals and groups. The chants taught cover: Yoga Sutra, Upanisads, Bhagavat Gita and a range of other texts.

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