Ravi Shankar was the Scholar-in- Residence at Denison University, Granville, Ohio for the academic year, 2008-2009. Ravi taught classes at Denison throughout the year, thirteen per week, as well as made special presentations on campus and in the community. His specialized yogic training and his interest in gender and body issues, in combination with his deep understanding of the cultural context of yogic practice and philosophy, make him uniquely qualified. After only a brief few months with us he has become widely known and extremely well received due to his unparalleled expertise in yoga instruction, his vast knowledge of the yogic traditions, his extremely accessible style across disciplines and ages, and his perfectly level demeanor. His instruction has deepened and broadened our programs immeasurably and his presence has transformed our staff. His unique insight, grounded in Hindu systems of writing and practice, has re-oriented all of our programming. The Scholar-in- Residence arrangement has been so good for us, and so mutually beneficial for them, that I am recommending him to others who may find themselves in the position that we were a year ago. This has been an experience that I want to share with others for their consideration.

Mark R. Orten

Director of Religious Life/ University Chaplain

Denison University, Granville, Ohio


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