Well it’s happened! Can’t say I wasn’t warned. This is only the beginning of our 5 th  day here  I’ve come down with the fever. Should have seen it coming. Lots of red flags being waved by concerned friends & relatives. Guess I owe you all an apology.So what contagion is this that has me in its grasp? Inability to sleep is clearly one of the symptoms. Brain swelling with portentous thoughts & ideas is another. Having trouble forming coherent sentences. I feel its effects seeping into all my vital organs, especially my heart. I’ve ruled out Japanese encephalitis, malaria & dengue fever and though I’ve not yet been officially diagnosed I’m nearly certain I’ve contracted a potentially life altering case of Shankar Syndrome. I’m sure that any one of you could have spotted this before I did. I mean, you can see it in their eyes. I’m surprised these people haven’t been quarantined by now. I probably caught it from Ravi but I suspect the real culprits are those Shankar women (Sheela, Shruti & Shradda). Oh they look innocent enough alright but as soon as you step inside their circle of influence, you’re done for. Too much intelligence, compassion  derring-do radiating from these 3 for anyone to resist. And to make matters worse, they clearly have a plan to infect the whole planet. So fair warning! You heard it here first. Lock your doors, pull the shades, start checking yourself for signs of contamination. I may already have unwittingly exposed all of you to this phenomenon. So watch out for fun-filled, meaningful conversations that don’t include references to sports or celebrities. Don’t give in to that overpowering desire to hug the person next to you. And above all, don’t start thinking you can make a difference in the wider world just by being a tireless fireball of all consuming, laser focused energy. It may be too late for me but you can help me spread the word. The Shankar’s could be coming to a town near you preaching their gospel of independent, critical thinking; education reform; expanded consciousness that trusts the Universe to do the right thing. Oh Yeah! It’s scary!

Kelley and Dasa

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