I have had the good fortune to be able to spend three months in India with Ravi and his family.  It has been a very rich experience, full of learning and adventures I’ll never forget.  I’ve come to feel like this is my home, and I will be homesick when I leave.  I will be back. I have had the privilege of studying the Yoga Sutras with Ravi over a two month period.  We meet about three mornings a week for 2 hours.   The slow pace has allowed us to get into wonderful tangential discussions that further enrich the Sutras.  Ravi’s deep understanding of the Sutras is supplemented by his extensive knowledge of the broader Indian philosophy, culture, history and religion.  He always seems to have just the right story, either from Indian lore or from his own experiences, to further lluminate whatever topic we might be covering. Ravi also helped me customize my own Yoga routine, and gave me suggestions on how I could teach Yoga to others who have physical challenges.  I have been disciplined about doing my Yoga, and have found that I am able to sleep without any herbal sleep aids for the first time in a long time!  That in itself was worth the trip! Ravi’s whole household has made me feel welcome and comfortable.  Sheela has found time in her busy schedule to make sure I have everything I need, and to take me on some wonderful outings.  Shraddha and Shruti are wonderful young women who always have a smile and a cheerful word, no matter how busy studying!  Indrani has not only prepared wonderful meals, but has even taught me how to cook a few things.  And Vignesh drives us safely to our destination – no small task in Chennai. Finally, I have come to love the chaotic, creative energy of Chennai.  There is always something interesting going on, and wonderful nearby places to visit.  With the Shankars as my hosts and guides to the area, I have had an experience that would have been impossible any other way! For more detail on my stay in India, see my blog at www.travelswithgranny.com.

Harlene Bryenton

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